Day 1

Wednesday 11 April, 2018

Registration and Morning Coffee

Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Jose Orive, Executive Director, International Sugar Organization (ISO)

Global and Regional Markets

Global Sugar markets in focus
Jose Orive, Executive Director, International Sugar Organization (ISO)

Towards a Thriving African Sugar Community
Gavin Dalgleish, Group Managing Director, Illovo Sugar

Kenyan Sugar market progress

  • Measures for embracing COMESA
  • Current challenges and AFA intervention
  • Upcoming initiatives

Solomon Odera, Interim Head – Sugar Directorate, Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) Kenya

Morning Networking Break

Africa Sugar Producers’ Roundtable: Enabling Investment and Trade in the region
Gavin Dalgleish, Group Managing Director, ILLOVO Sugar
Dave Meadows, Director, Strategic Development & Business Excellence Agri Processing, Tongaat Hulett, South Africa
Hassan Erwa, Sales and Marketing Corporate Director, Kenana Sugar Company Ltd, Sudan
Kabiru Rabiu, Group Executive Director, BUA Group, Nigeria
Hitham Elebaid, Business Planning Head, White Nile Sugar Company, Sudan

Nigeria Sugar Master Plan - How far to go?

  • Current implementation status         
  • Industry capacity assessment
  • Short term import plans
  • Realistic assessment of self-sufficiency target by 2023

Nassid Raffoul, Head of Sugar, Golden Sugar Company Limited, Nigeria

Evaluating expansion into regional markets as a growth strategy

Networking Lunch

Cane Mechanisation – there’s no substitute for competitiveness

  • Labour related issues explained
  • Technology update
  • Understanding cost vs ROI
  • Training requirements

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New Projects and Technology

Ethiopia Sugar Industry Overview: History, Status and Development

  • Investment and Trading opportunity in Ethiopia
  • Production capacity of the ethanol plant
  • Export Market

Bezabih Beyene, Deputy CEO, Ethiopian Sugar Corporation, Ethiopia

Sudan: Kenana Sugar insight on future projects 

  • Redais Sugar Project (Kenana II)
  • Kenana Red Sea Sugar Refinery Project
  • Ethanol Expansion
  • Bio-Diesel Project
  • Bio-Waste Energy Project

Hassan Erwa, Sales and Marketing Corporate Director, Kenana Sugar Company Ltd, Sudan

Automation in the sugar factory – what can we achieve in Africa?

  • Productivity in the spotlight
  • Relevant technology applications and ROI considerations
  • Case studies

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Afternoon Networking Break

BUA Group New Investment Areas on Sugar

  • Plantation
  • Capacity of sugar mill and refinery
  • Bioproduct and expansion

Kabiru Rabiu, Group Executive Director, BUA Group, Nigeria 

Irrigation Technology Panel

  • Sustainable irrigation: Adopting and adapting to change

Moderator: Senior Representative from Netafim
Panelist to be come

Tongaat Hulett refinery project in Mozambique

  • Unlocking the refined sugar market
  • Refinery Project update
  • Production technology
  • Ensuring high-quality product 

Dave Meadows, Director, Strategic Development & Business Excellence Agri Processing, Tongaat Hulett, South Africa

End of Day One

Gala Dinner


Day 2

Thursday 12 April, 2018

Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Jose Orive, Executive Director, International Sugar Organization (ISO)


Diversification Trends in Africa Region

  • African sugar industry potential and plans
  • Diversified industries in Africa: some existing models
  • Integration of diversified industry and African resources and markets
  • Kakira Expansion Projects
  • Power Co-generation

Jim Kabeho, Executive Director, Madhvani Group, Chairman, Uganda Sugar Man.Ass.& Chairman, E.A. Business Council., Uganda

Change in Europe | How deregulation of beet sugar production is going to effect markets.

  • Growth in beet sugar production in a global context.
  • European price trends pre / post deregulation of EU production quotas.
  • Europe and global trade: The Implications for Africa.

Toby Cohen, Vice president, Market Analysis, ASR Group, United Kingdom

Power Consumption Improvement in Sugar Plants
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Getting your ethanol strategy off the ground

  • Ethanol market outlook 
  • Project feasibility considerations
  • Technology update

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Morning Networking Break

Developing Scenarios

South Africa: New Sugar Tax and focus on health and its socio-economic impact

  • Focus on Health: OBESITY AND DIABETES
  • produce a safe commodity if used in balance
  • raised concerns over job losses.
  • Global price

Suresh Naidoo, Vice Chairman, South African Sugar Association (SASA) 

Sucrose – Based Payment Introduced to Boost Sugarcane Production

  • Pilot testing center: Comparing current and old cane payment scheme
  • Quality-testing machines- cost or investment?
  • Millers perspective on technical methods of production and payment

Joash Wamangoli, Chairman, Nzoia Sugar Company, Kenya



Sugarcane production under smallholder farming systems

  • Shortage of land – a critical challenge to small holder
  • Lack of improved varieties and pests and diseases
  • Knowledge sharing and management
  • Drought, low soil fertility and other yield reducing factors,
  • High cost and poor distribution
  • Fluctuating prices - major marketing problem

Dr George Mlingwa, Chairman, Tanzania Sugarcane Growers Association, Tanzania

Sustainable Sugarcane and its impact on supply chains

  • Strategies on sustainable-where they should improve
  • Europe sugar trade flow to Africa
  • Brown /White sugar price, S&D

Anthony Mikael, Commodities Trader, Louis Dreyfus Company, France

Africa Sugar Flow to Europe and its Sustainable Pathways
Phil Mnisi, Chief Executive, Swaziland Sugar Association

Afternoon Networking Break

CEO Panel: Africa Sugar Market Snapshot – confronting key challenges and the road ahead
Federick Kebeney, CEO, Muhoroni Sugar Co Ltd, Kenya
Devesh Dukhira Chief Executive Officer & Secretary, Mauritius Sugar Syndicate
Jim Kabeho, Executive Director; Madhvani Group and Chairman; Uganda Sugar Manufacturing Association and Chairman, East Africa Business Council, Uganda

Close of Conference

Pre Conference Workshop

10 April 2018, 9:00-12:30
Sugar Production – Efficiency, Optimisation and Sustainability 

Sugar Production Efficiency

  • Challenges and opportunities to increase the efficiency of sugarcane production
  • Modern approaches to increase the efficiency in sugarcane processing
  • Efficiency in sugar industry through diversification and by-products utilization

Mulhim Eltayeb, Chairman and CEO, KEPM Projects, and Former GM of Kenana Engineering and Technical Services

Morning Tea

Excellent sustainability performance becomes a prerequisite to trade

This session is designed for delegates to learn about sustainability and the increasingly higher expectation of markets.

  • The session looks into the strategic and operation aspects from the buyers of sugar or ethanol; also  covers the requirements of banks and insurance companies
  • The workshop will give the audience the buyer’s perspective of sustainability and related expectations, while focuses on the experiences of compliance with robust standards that can help secure markets, cheaper loans and insurance rates. 
  • The session will give advice to producers on how to start the sustainability journey, followed by a discussion

Boudewijn Goossens, Regional Director, Africa & Middle East, BON SUCRO, South Africa

Improving smallholders’ performance for a sustainable sugarcane sector in Africa

  • Understanding the smallholders’ importance that is the key to the production of cane and future expansion of the African sugarcane industry
  • Challenges of smallholder production
  • Key learning areas include
    • The importance of knowledge and organizational development;
    • The impact of climate change and need for new technologies to be used; and
    • The introduction of easy data collection systems

The session will end with the presentation of the newly established African Bonsucro Outgrowers Centre of Excellence, which will focus on improving sustainability performance amongst smallholders.

Ian Sherry, Founder and Executive Chairman of RMI

Lunch and close of Workshop

*Session outline may change to accommodate market-specific or company development.